What Part Of The Pig Does Bacon Come From?

If we’re talking about regular American bacon, what they called ‘streaky’ bacon in Europe, then it comes from the fatty belly area of the pig.

However, there are actually many different types of bacon and they come from different parts of the animal. Have a look at the image below:

As you can see, there’s a lot more to bacon than just the slices from the belly. Those of you in Europe will probably be more familiar with ‘back’ bacon and you can see from the diagram where it gets it’s name – it comes from the loin or the actual back of the pig.

This is also where Canadian bacon comes from, though they just take it from the eye of the loin with very little fat around it.

Another very tasty type of bacon is called ‘cottage’ and this actually comes from the pork butt – the shoulder, which is also the same joint used to make delicious pulled pork.