Can Dogs Eat Bacon? Is It Safe?

Many people have watched funny videos on YouTube showing dogs ‘talking’ about bacon, but putting all humor aside, is it actually safe for dogs to eat bacon?

Short Answer: No, it is not good for dogs! 

Okay really you can stop reading now, but if you want to know why you shouldn’t give your dog bacon then read on…

Just because they love it, doesn’t mean it is good for them!

Raw or Cooked? Well, Both Are Bad!

First of all remember that bacon (most kinds) are a form of pork, and certainly raw pork is dangerous not only for humans, but for dogs as well.

It can contain a parasite which is called “trichinella spiralis larvae” and this can lead to the infection, “trichinosis”. Generally speaking the infection is more likely to occur in humans than in dogs but there is still a risk and it has many adverse affects such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Fever

High Fat, High Salt

Cooked bacon is free of the parasite risk but it carries its own problems. It is usually very high in both fat and salt which is detrimental to the diet of any animal that consumes high quantities, human or canine!

Whilst the bacon itself is not actually toxic, the problem comes from the very high amount of fat. This means of course that bacon-grease is especially a no-no, as well as the bacon itself.

Certainly, if consumed in large amounts it could actually lead to pancreatitis which can be fatal. For this reason it is important not to leave plates of cooked bacon in accessible places around the home because a hungry dog will often eat the whole lot if given the opportunity, which would be very harmful for them.

Pancreatitis is one of those diseases that often does not present itself until it is too late. Typically, blood work is needed to accurately diagnose the condition.

Another factor is the high salt content of bacon. This can lead to bloat, high blood pressure, and the twisting of intestines.

The video might be funny, but just because your dog drools at the smell of bacon, doesn’t mean you should give it to them!